Why choose TV Production at Stockport? Here’s our FAQ:

1. Where will I study?

OK – we may not have the shiniest, newest buildings – but we DO benefit from  unlimited access to a fully-equipped “live” TV Studio, adequate amounts of industrial production equipment, a group of like-minded people – and accessible staff. There’s a huge benefit to you in being a small course, as you’ll see – you’re not fighting with hundreds of others for studio time, kit or advice.

2. How large are the classes? What kind of people come to study TV Production at Stockport?

Unlike many mainstream universities, our class sizes are small (usually 12-15 in each yeargroup) – we like to think it’s the size of an efficient studio crew (!). Students are drawn from a wide variety of experience and educational backgrounds and we like that mix; whilst we prefer you to have 160 UCAS points (if you’re under 24), we’re much more interested in the breadth of experience and expertise you might bring to the group. Some come from traditional A-Levels, some from Extended or National Diplomas – others bring life experiences with them.

The most important qualification is that you want to make TELEVISION!

3. What’s the reputation of the course at Stockport?

Of course we think we’re great (!) but ask our long-term clients – The Halle Orchestra – they entrust us with their international reputation every year to televise their live concerts. Our students benefit from productive working relationships with a number of key local independent production companies – check out our long list of graduates who are now making their way within the industry.

4. Can I extend my studies?

All two-year Foundation Degrees have something called an “Articulated Progression Route” – that’s a guaranteed option of a third year of study (if you want it) at the validating institution – in our case, the third year of the B.A. (Hons) Digital Media Design at Liverpool John Moores University. We’re also keen to provide a third year option here at Stockport from 2015. But the third (honours) year remains optional – so if you want the two years of concentrated practical experience before a more traditional university year – or before starting to make your own way in our industry – then we’re the perfect choice.

5. How much groupwork is there?

Successful TV programmesd are made by groups of people, so there’s LOTS of groupwork – particularly in the first year (Level 4) of the course whilst you all find your way around the many jobs involved in TV Studio multicamera operation. In the second year (Level 5), there’s much more emphasis on developing yourself as a professional and tapping into the resources of the group as a whole to help you realise more complex productions.

6. Are there formal examinations?

No. There are five modules in each year of study – each one requires the submission of a completed task (or tasks) which will then be assessed to provide you with a percentage grade. You need to pass all five at Level 4 to progress to Level 5 and you need to pass all ten to successfully complete the Foundation Degree (and be eligible to progress to a top-up honours year – if you want to).

7. How much tutor contact time is there?

We like to make ourselves very accessible for students, so you won’t have to make an appointment to see us (another of the benefits of being a small course). There are 15 “guided learning hours” per week, usually spread over three actual days, but we’re easy to find or contact outside of these times. One of our graduating students this year commented that our door was “always open” for help and advice.

8. Does all the course take place at Stockport College or are there opportunities to get out and about?

One of the joys of TV work is that it takes you out and about – often into situations where you’d never thought of going. We also have an (optional) foreign residential trip each November – recent trips have included Krakow, Paris and Prague; but for 2015 we’ll be heading out to New York. We find that all of our TV Production Students like to come along on it: there’ll be some filming work to complete, and lots of places to visit but you’ll have a great time.

9. How much does the course get you ready for the reality of work in our industry?

The reality of a working life within our wider industry is often at odds with what most people anticipate. We’re very keen to try and make you employable whilst you’re on the course – and fully aware of what that will mean in reality once you graduate. One of the huge benefits of choosing a Foundation Degree (over a more traditional “honours” degree) is that industrial experience is a built-in mandatory component.

10. How much does it cost?

The fees for new students from September 2014 are £7500 per academic year (that’s less than most universities). Students accepted onto the course are eligible to apply for normal UK HE Student Finance like their university counterparts.

11. What modules will I study?

Level 4 (First Year) Modules:


Level 5 (Second Year) Modules:


13. But hang on … you’re ONLY a college…..?

Maybe – but as we said at the top, there are huge benefits in being a small course – you’re not fighting for studio time, kit or advice. It also means we can take on ambitious projects without having to cherry-pick students to carry them out. It’s a really really good deal – as our graduates keep reminding us…!

If you’re keen and enthusiastic about Television Production – and MIGHT want to make it your career – then we’re probably the best choice in the North-West of England.

14. Help! I’ve missed the UCAS Application Deadline!

No worries – we’re used to hearing from new students who hadn’t noticed the deadline passing….! Just get in touch – as soon as you can – whenever that turns out to be.

15. So where’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Honest! Get in touch – or stop by for a chat sometime soon and let’s see if we’re a good match for your requirements.

“This is the hands-on media production course that students think they’re applying for at University…but never get”

[External Examiner]


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